The Harvest is Coming on Strong

This morning when I got up, it was pretty nippy outside.  It felt like autumn and got my attention.  You see, the gardens have been very slow this year because of the cooler weather.  Great weather for humans but not so good for gardens.

HOWEVER, our garden is finally producing lots of wonderful vegetables.  Pat has been out picking beans today and at this time he has three bushel.  We are picking about fifteen boxes of tomatoes twice a week.  My problem is I want it to keep up……………….I don’t want it to freeze yet.  Selfish, aren’t I?

We know we don’t have any control over such things and “IT IS WHAT IT IS”.  Because of our abundance at this time however we are offering  special prices on the beans and tomatoes.  We will pass our good fortune on to you.

Aug. 25 004 (479x640)

Pat picking bushels of beans

Our beans were regularly priced at Forty-nine dollars a bushel.  We have marked them down to Thirty-nine dollars a bushel.

August harvest

A row of tomatoes in fieldhouse three

You can get tomatoes for two dollars and ninety-five cents a pound or for Thirty-nine dollars a twenty pound box.

In addition, we are digging lots of potatoes, have lots of cucumbers (both slicing and pickling), and have other vegetables available.  Hope to see you at one of our markets soon.

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